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What Makes IQOS Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes?

by Valentine Jimeno
What Makes IQOS Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

The smoking industry has been involved in several legal battles with regulatory authorities over the safety. There was even an attempt to halt the production of tobacco products deemed unhealthy in several jurisdictions. In all these cases, cigarette smoking is the most affected. To stay afloat, tobacco industry stakeholders have created modifications to their products over the years to meet the regulatory standards. But most times their efforts have not lived up to their expectations. However, their luck may have changed recently. Their latest invention – the IQOS has proved to be more effective than its predecessors. This hybrid of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is both healthy and environmentally friendly. It uses heat-to-burn technology to produce nicotine aerosol without emitting any smoke.

Its uniqueness has led some cigarette smokers to shift to it. At the moment, the are IQOS for sale Sharjah, in both online and physical stores. But is it safer than cigarettes? Below, we will try to find the answer to this question.

What Makes IQOS Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes Non-Emission Of Smoke - bubblegum

Non-Emission Of Smoke

Smoke released from regular cigarettes are known to contain harmful substances such as carcinogens, aldehydes, and carbon monoxide, which expose smokers to more health problems. IQOS uses heat-not-burn technology to produce nicotine aerosol. As such, it does not produce any smoke, making it safer than cigarettes. Furthermore, with the HEETS, you do not have to deal with cigarette smell and ash.


Physical Effects

Some cigarette smokers have complained of their fingers and lips being affected by the cigarette smoke. When you use cigarettes, there is a high probability that you may cause damage to your lips and consequently develop a session. As a result, you may resort to applying lip balm, just to make your lips more attractive.

Cigarette smoking may also affect your fingers. There are cases where cigarette smokers have contracted Buerger’s disease – a form of vasculitis that inflames your blood vessels, thereby damaging the tissues of your fingers. By using IQOS, you will be able to avoid such health complications.


Concentration Of Nicotine

The concentration of nicotine in IQOS is very low. A user can consume approximately 0.36 milligrams of nicotine in one session, which is usually 14 puffs. On the other hand, cigarettes have a higher concentration of nicotine. On average, one stick of cigarette contains 10-12 milligrams of nicotine.

By the time you finish smoking one cigarette stick, you will consume around 2 milligrams and the rest will be released into the atmosphere. The lower concentration of nicotine in IQOS products may make it less harmful to your body compared to cigarette smoking.



Even though these products are not completely safe, there have been research and facts that prove the advantages offered when one makes the switch. While choosing this means you haven’t exactly quit smoking, the health risks however are reduced significantly. More people are being attracted to the use of this smokeless device.

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