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Dr. Quickfix

Have a look through the strategy and process the awesome Bubblegum team did that led up to this fine piece of work for Dr. Quickfix.

Work we did:

Brand Name
Brand Identity
App UI Design
Mobile App Development
Website UI Design
Website Development

The brand name

For Dr. Quickfix we were asked to come up with a name and create a logo for a brand in the service industry and the client essentially asked for a character to represent the business, something that was fun, colorful and trendy. Our creative team instantly got into action and brainstormed for a fun name that we can build a character and brand around. Dr. Quickfix was born!


Brand identity

Here is the strategy and process our team had to do that led us up to the final logo creation for Dr. Quickfix:

The challenge:

Our designers started spitballing what the good doctor should look like. His ideal personality and traits. We had to keep in mind that he is a doctor that works on mechanical parts and cars. He had to look approachable and friendly; someone who is reliable and can get the job done. The logo had to somehow show speed - the main USP - and in the name by itself 'quick' fix.

Our solution:

We intricately fashioned a smart nugget of a character that has its own personality. A flair which will undoubtedly make this stand out from competition, making it the first of its kind in the on demand service industry!

The logo

The logo is presented through the use of colour as well as shape and form. The two main elements used here is the symbol (a cartoon or Dr. Quickfix himself) and the title of the brand name. The primary colours are shades of yellow and tints of greys / red. It is a fresh and appealing blend of colours chosen for their strong combination - modern - fun - timeless. The colours have been selected according to international standards as seen in the logo and are easily implemented. The typeface is a modified version of Zing Rust and has been chosen to compliment and balance perfectly with the logo cartoon.

Our Projects

Our Projects

The logo title:

Deliberately emphasizing on the words ‘Quick’ and ‘Fix’, Dr. Quickfix is arranged in a modern yet refined manner that strongly reflects the brand’s persona. The letter ‘I’ in both the words are combined to form a lightening bold implying speed, quickness and power - unwavering qualities of our service. The bold font signifies power and strength.

The logo symbol:

Dr.Quickfix is not just another company, we’ve intricately fashioned a smart character that has it’s own personality, flair which will undoubtedly stand out from competition, making it the first of its kind in the on demand service industry. The strong character is a doctor with tools in his hands that will aid him in fixing your car.


The preferred typeface for all official documents and design collateral for the brand. The aim is to create a strong brand identity and is to be used at all times.

Headings - Zing rust





Body - Roboto light





Brand colors

The colour palette for Dr. Quickfix to make sure the right colours are used through various medium.

Primary colors

Secondary colors

Website design

We love showing off our work. This is what the User Experience (UI) and User Interface (UI) look like.

Mobile app

We loved putting together this brilliant design for the mobile app.

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