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How is Vape different from Shisha?

by Valentine Jimeno
Vape vs Shisha

Everyone knows how electronic cigarettes differ from ordinary ones – in any case, many articles have already been written on this topic. What is the difference between a vape and a shisha?

When quitting smoking, people often resort to alternative sources of nicotine: they make nicotine patches, chew gum, drink pills and do many other things. One of the ways to quit annoying cigarettes is shisha – its supporters argue that shisha tobacco is no more harmful than cigarette tobacco and helps to cope with nicotine addiction effectively.

First of all, the difference between a vape and a shisha lies in the refueling: e-cigarettes use liquids based on glycerin and propylene glycol, and for shishas – tobacco soaked in molasses, glycerin and flavors. In liquids for vaping, you can adjust the level of nicotine – 1.5 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg, and there are also mixes without nicotine – this is the main advantage over shishas, which contain a harmful substance in any case. Of course, there are tobacco-free mixes for shisha, smoking stones, jelly and other types of products, but the most common and budget option is still tobacco leaf.

You can customize the vape for yourself: adjust the strength, type of puff, experiment with different atomizers, try different powers. The shisha is smoked in the old fashioned way, although modern tobaccos abound in a large number of flavors – but this is precisely the beauty of the shisha, since it has a thousand-year history, and the principle of its use has not changed for centuries.

Vape is more mobile – you can take it with you everywhere, carry it in your pocket or purse, and completely replace all the smoke breaks you usually do at work with it. Of course, the process of making a shisha is much more complicated: you need to put the tobacco in the chillim, heat the coals, pour the liquids into the flask, and then disassemble it all.

Both from shisha and from an electronic cigarette, you can get a nicotine overdose, characterized by nausea, headache, and rapid heartbeat. To prevent this from happening, follow the basic rules: the fact that a vape is safer than cigarettes does not mean that you can pull it as you please. Take deep, not sharp puffs, observe breaks between them, do not steam strong liquids on atomizers that are not intended for this!


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