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You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about.

The logo of any business is the silent ambassador of the brand and the meaning behind these logos tell the audience what the brand is all about. Beyond the fact that these logos we see everyday are the face for some of our favourite brands, we do not even think about what they truly represent. Almost all of these logos have a hidden, deep rooted meaning either in the name or the symbol and here are some of the best examples:


NBC’s logo has a couple of hidden meanings. The logo and its colors make it clear it’s a peacock but did you know that the reason behind this was that the brand was proud to be one of the first few color television providers and aimed to represent the colors of a rainbow. The company also introduced the phrase “proud as a peacock” to represent the new color system and the six different colors represent the six different divisions of NBC.

The message that the logo of this E-Commerce powerhouse sends out seems to be very obvious, the smile under the brand name depicting the happiness people get from shopping on Amazon, but few know that what it also aims to imply that amazon is a jungle of all products and the smile starts from A and goes all the way to Z to show that this online shopping site has all the A to Z products you could need.
Baskin Robbins:

This is one of the logos that you might have looked at hundreds of times and never realised the 31 staring you in the face, seemingly obvious but still hidden. What Baskin Robbins aimed to show is that you can have unlimited options of ice cream, namely 31 flavours. The logo and the colors used represent fun and energy, much like how you would feel after eating ice cream.

At one glance, this app for organising your pictures by Google just looks like a camera lense but once you look closely the white space in the middle forms the shape of a house, representing a home for all your pictures. The name symbolises the same, because “Casa” means “Home” in spanish.

This popular transportation brand markets their logo a lot and is seen on hoarders, trucks etc and while the colors and overall simplicity of this logo is very appealing, there is another reason to appreciate this logo. If you look at the negative space between the E and the X, you see an arrow moving forward that aims to show speed and precision and is exactly what the brand represents.

This extremely popular French hypermarket translates to “Crossroads” and the logo cleverly showcases the same using blue and red arrows pointing in opposite directions and the negative space between these arrows forms a C, which represents the brand name. It also aims to show how convenient this hypermarket is being located around every block.
Hershey’s Kisses:

This popular chocolate brand has cleverly used love as a selling point for the chocolate and if you look close enough at the logo, the brown space between the K and the I forms the shape of the chocolate and a kiss.

The main aim of this brand was to create an identity like a board where you pin all your interests. The admirable part of this logo is how the P is designed to look like a board pin and and makes for the symbol that represents the brand.
Hope for African children initiative:

What makes this logo so special is how it explains everything it stands for in the simplest form. The logo looks like the map of Africa at a first glance but soon enough you see the face of a child looking up at an adult. Perfectly representing hope for children in that region.

Making your logo represent your brand in the best way possible and in the most identifiable way is extremely important for any business and what better way to do it then with the customer in mind, so they can identify themselves with your brand.

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