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Strong brand presence and it’s importance for your business

A brand is not something tangible yet it is the deciding factor of an organization. You cannot find it in your sales department or your managing director’s office, it exists in the minds of your customers. A brand is a personality that reflects on the product, service or company, including a symbol or design. It’s highly imperative and crucial for a company to establish a strong image and a significant presence in the market – this will assure consumer loyalty and retention. Bubblegum Business Solutions, one of the growing branding companies in Dubai, invest in brand building initiatives since day 1 of any business set-up. What the audience will perceive your company or product/service over time will eventually build your brand. You can send your brand message across through many factors apart from the logo, typography etc.

Your product packaging, advertising, the price you charge, the ambiance and environment of your store etc to name a few. You offer a product that is new & novel, those characteristics will be embedded in the minds of the customer, deliver excellent quality service, customers will trust your brand which will eventually build a long term customer base whereas if your advertising isn’t innovative and boring, you may seem unconfident about your own product. Branding contributes substantially to building trust in the consumer’s mind. Through creative logos that are memorable yet powerful companies can improve their recognition and along with the right marketing strategies and channels, branding will aid effectively in your company’s marketing efforts.

In addition to the above, branding is the best way to get in new revenue through word-of-mouth and referrals which is considered to be the most effective form of promotion. Businesses should pool their focus in improving and building valuable customer experiences which can in turn help in acquiring new customers easily – that’s what Bubblegum Business Solutions, one of the growing branding companies in Dubai, solely focuses on. Thus, it’s essential for any business to build a strong and unwavering presence in the market and branding helps in building that foundation. In addition to the above, branding prevents potential contenders or competition from entering the market. Once a brand builds its strong presence value, it acts as a barrier for any competitor to enter the segment and even if it does, it would be difficult for them to compete with what you’ve already established and built.

An important perk that comes with good and strong branding is increased in employee productivity and predominantly cuts down employee turnover. Employees work with great enthusiasm and showcase a sense of loyalty and drive knowing that they are working for a well-known and established a brand. This, in turn, works in favor of the company making the work environment not only productive but positive as well. Bubblegum Business Solutions, one of the growing branding companies in Dubai, aim at building brands that not only inspire but prosper!

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