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Transforming an idea into an App

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we do business and with the rapid growth of digitization, businesses need to invest in a successful mobile strategy. From ordering food and paying bills to booking a travel ticket, mobile apps have made it easier for us to go about our day to day tasks. A successful mobile app can essentially contribute to brand building, grow revenue and improves customer engagement.

Mobile App Development involves a set of vital steps that need to be closely followed that will eventually give shape to your vision. Bubblegum Business Solutions, the leading app developers in Dubai, strive to ensure every element in the process is thoroughly researched and worked on thereby making the designing and development process fundamentally easier.


Before transforming an idea into a digital property, it’s necessary to the groundwork i.e., indulge in thorough market research and study. The research stage is for you to understand what the market is offering in realtime and utilize this valuable knowledge in filling the gap and devising something absolutely new and fresh.

App Design (UX/UI)

The two crucial steps come into play at this stage – UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) both of which are highly inevitable stages in app development.  Although their purpose from one another is entirely different but both need to be closely worked on together. While UXD or User Experience Design is essentially focusing on the ease with which a user can use the product thereby contributing to long-term customer satisfaction and retention, UID or User Interface is the look, feel and overall presentation that manifests the app to the user.


This stage involves the coding of the app. It is important to monitor this closely and be aware of any progress during this stage. The development team will set up the back-end of the app by implementing the styles and functionality that has been designed.


Testing is also a crucial step in the app development process. This stage comprises of functional, performance and usability testing that essentially test the app for optimization and seamless user experience. During this stage, the app is tested under various conditions to ensure it is bug-free. Bubblegum Business Solutions, the leading app developers, leave no stone unturned in ensuring every facet of the app testing stage is covered effectively.


The app is tested and ready to launch which marks the beginning of the market phase of the app. The policies for launching an application are different for different application stores. It’s wise to keep in mind that it’s highly imperative to keep updating the app based on customer’s valuable feedback thereby keeping it always up-to-date and fresh which ensures user engagement and retention.

Mobile App Development process may seem overwhelming and lengthy as it’s definitely not a walk in the park but with if the above stages are closely worked on effectively – a successful mobile app will be on the way! Bubblegum Business Solutions, the leading App Developers in Dubai, strive to closely monitor and ensure every stage is worked on thoroughly and effectively when building a digital product.

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