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What goes into building a game changing Mobile App!

With the rapid increase and ease in connectivity – there’s no doubt as to how mobile apps have become a part and parcel of life. The Mobile App Market has seen tremendous growth and increased popularity in the past decade. Mobile apps contribute substantially to maintaining customer loyalty and connection. Building a sufficient and strong presence online is highly prominent and essential for any business these days. A growing Mobile App Development company in Dubai – Bubblegum Business Solutions aims at building creative as well as engaging Mobile App for businesses all around the world.

A mobile App is a software application designed and developed, that is essentially downloaded and used on smartphones and tablets. With the increase in popularity – mobile apps have to compete with a plethora of contenders in the market – be it any genre. There are many aspects that make a mobile app a success – problem solving and user-friendly being the pivotal ones.

The digital age has contributed to a lot of time spent on smartphones by a wide range of demographics. When creating a mobile app – the user experience and user interface or UX/UI as it’s penned down as – is highly important and crucial when developing an app and although their roles are entirely different, these two elements are worked on closely together. UXD or User Experience Design is basically focusing on the ease with which a user can use the product which will eventually contribute to long-term customer satisfaction and retention. Quality interaction is imperative and the backbone when developing a User experience design. Mobile App Development company in Dubai – Bubblegum Business Solutions pay attention to the slightest details when enhancing the usability of the product to ensure effective and enjoyable use. Whereas UID or User Interface Design is the look, feel and overall presentation of the product. The designers work on the graphics and visuals with the sole purpose of mirroring the brand’s personality with the creatives – this enables the user to relate to the brand and form customer loyalty. Mobile app development company in Dubai – Bubblegum Business Solutions pool their focus entirely on the overall brand’s identity while working on the design and graphics of the product. Both UXD and UID are challenging roles, therefore, it’s not just about creating a mundane mobile app from scratch – with the right UI/UX – revolutionary game changers can be created!

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