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Importance of Building a Rich Visual Identity for your Business


First impressions are important, a decision is internally made within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone. This is no different to businesses, a client makes an internal opinion about a company within moments of their first interaction. 

So what exactly does a consumer base this on? Without even knowing the staff or the way the company runs, how can an individual form an opinion off a business? The answer is brand and image. Now, many people instantly think a brand is just a logo and colors. Wrong. A brand is a lot more than just that. A company’s brand is the experience a client goes on when they work alongside. The brand of a company starts way before a proposal is sent or a business card is handed over. We, at Bubblegum Business Solutions, a leading branding agency in Dubai, understand the vital importance of building a strong foundation before hitting the market, and the foundation being a solid brand identity. The experience starts from the moment the receptionist picks up the phone, or when the sales person greets the client or even when the client opens their car door when they arrive for the first meeting. 

Walt Disney trained his car park staff to have the same enthusiasm and brand awareness as the characters inside the actual park. He said that the experience of the consumer starts when they enter car park. This is how a consumer forms an instant opinion about a company. At Bubblegum Business Solutions, a growing branding agency in Dubai, we understand the importance of branding and we want the consumer to instantly feel like they are with a company that are experts in their field. The emotions our client goes through when we present them their brand guidelines and the logo is what sets us apart from other branding agencies in Dubai. We want our clients to feel the magic that goes into every stroke and every detail of their brand pack. From their brand book we create their identity, our clients give us their vision and their wants and we translate this into a physical brand identity. 

For some people a logo is just a few lines drawn together with some text however this is not the case, we want to educate consumers into understanding the importance of not only a logo but also brand identity. The importance of the right branding is unparalleled, it is the reason why you succeed or fail. Ray Kroc said he could never have created a fast food chain without using the name “McDonalds”. The power in the name itself is the reason why in Ray Kroc’s eyes “McDonalds” was such a powerhouse. Understanding this concept is again why Bubblegum Business Solutions stand out from the other branding agencies in Dubai. We nurture and build brands and in doing so our clients become even more attached to their brand identity which is then filtered through to every single aspect of their client journey.

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