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There is more to branding than meets the eye

Creating a remarkable and unwavering stand in the market with a strong brand presence is highly imperative for a company. It’s important for any company to build a solid foundation before they can hit the market! It’s more than just designing -it’s a road to building a customer experience. Bubblegum Business Solutions, a prominent and growing marketing, and business setup consultants in Dubai take brand identity very seriously. With extensive research, they work from ground up for aspiring startups who wish to not only enter the market to inspire but progress substantially.

Branding is just not about coming up with a logo just for the sake of placing them on your product. There’s a lot more that goes into it – designing a logo that reflects the soul of your brand is vital – this will not only create brand loyalty but customers will relate more to your brand. Every intricate detail is given a lot of thought and value by business setup consultants in Dubai – Bubblegum Business Solutions. The following is a brief explanation of the essential elements that are worked on at the start of every business model:

  1. Name – Generating a compelling yet memorable brand name which will be the foundation on which the brand’s personality will be crafted on.
  2. Brand Personality – Crafting the brand personality that communicates the essence of what you represent and helps develop a brand connection.
  3. Brand Voice – Your brand voice entails the uniformity in the tone, selection of words, style of communication and values of the brand.
  4. The Logo – Fashioning a symbol that is distinctively creative and visually eye-catching that will represent the business and mirror your brand’s visual presence.
  5. The Graphic/Photographic element or design elements – Making the brand instantly identifiable with distinctive graphic elements that will set your brand apart.
  6. The Colour Palette – Carefully selecting a colour palette with different range of tones that will shape up to be the most identifiable element of the brand.
  7. Typography – Style and appearance of text to mirror reflect the brand’s personality and feel.
  8. Logo Variations – Generate a line of creative and clever modified versions of the designed logo that will give the brand more versatility.

Hence, the above mentioned elements are of significant importance whilst building a brand. Bubblegum Business Solutions – marketing and business setup consultants in Dubai passionately focus on brand development and go the extra mile to help companies with building their brand identity!

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