Why Graphic Designing is Ideal for Digital Marketing Today

Graphic design is a widely used form of art today and has undoubtedly being used in every digital marketing campaign or strategy to breathe new life into a concept or idea. By applying minimal, unique and simplistic design groundwork, skilled graphic designers can effectively mirror the brand’s personality and conceptualize ideas for marketing. Every company […]

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Mobile Apps and its Significance in Digital Marketing

Mobile Apps are game changers in the tech world today. They are clearly becoming the dominant form of digital communication. The customers in today’s era are constantly on the move and they’re essentially using mobile apps to reach there.    Mobile Apps are extremely imperative in digital marketing. As a matter own fact, for developing […]

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4 Vital Elements in Website Design

In this digital era, companies have realized the rising importance of a website that is not only designed well but has good functionality. Your website will ultimately represent your brand, it’s vision and soul. Having said that, it’s absolutely vital to hire experts to ensure your brand image is mirrored impeccably in your entire website […]

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Importance of Building a Rich Visual Identity for your Business

First impressions are important, a decision is internally made within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone. This is no different to businesses, a client makes an internal opinion about a company within moments of their first interaction.  So what exactly does a consumer base this on? Without even knowing the staff or the way […]

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Three Things to Avoid While Designing a Website

Thinking about launching a website for your business? If so, you must know that a website is a visual representation of your business. It needs to be a part of an organization’s DNA that helps increase the revenue of your company, generate more leads, and even assist your team in producing more consistent user experiences.  […]

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Essential User-Interface Web Designing Tips

Undoubtedly, websites have become a vital marketing asset for small businesses or startups. It is much more than a linker between your customers and businesses. Some people say that it is an interface, the space which comprises various things such as- description of your product, services, and your business story.  In order to stay ahead […]

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What are the Different Types of Logo Designs?

A logo is considered as the face of every business. In fact, it is the silent ambassador of the brand that helps to tell the audience what the business is all about. So, if you designed a logo correctly, then it could make future branding efforts a walk in the park. Curious to gather information […]

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The Three Branding Must-Haves for your Small Business

In the competitive business world, every consumer has unlimited choices, whether they are buying from an online store or offline. So, if you want to convince customers to select your business over your opponents, you need to build a powerful and unique brand image.   How will you convince them? Being a branding agency in […]

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Why is a Strong Brand Essential for your Business?

A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir  – Lisa Gansky Whether you want to talk about a big corporation or a small company, branding and logo designs are the two most valuable assets that you need to take care of. What do you know about branding? Earlier, branding was known as […]

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A Strong Logo is a Powerful Means of Visual Communication For Your Brand

Business’ should invest in designing a powerful logo that represents its values and attributes in the market. A logo is the strongest way to build a strong identity for your brand. Bubblegum Business solutions, a Growing Logo & Branding Agency in Dubai, curate creative and memorable logos after extensive research on your business’ vision and […]

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