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Benefits of Juul Electronic Cigarette

by Valentine Jimeno
Juul in Dubai

Electronic smoking devices broke into the tobacco market about 10 years ago and won over many fans. The Juol company was founded in 2015 by two Americans who made their dream come true and created a concise and easy-to-use e-cigarette. We will talk about its advantages further.

Juul Specifications

The Juul POD System is the most popular in the United States for its stylish design and interesting tastes. Vapes were created for those who want to quit smoking, for a smooth transition from a bad habit to quitting it. Liquid cigarettes contain 5% saline nicotine, glycerin, natural oils, propylene glycol, flavors and extracts. The Juul vaporizer stands out from the competition with its compact and sleek size: with a cartridge of 94.8 x 15.1 x 7 mm. The weight is only 14 grams. Replaceable cartridges, 0.7 ml volume, which is equal to 200 puffs, approximately one pack of cigarettes. The basic configuration comes from 2 cartridges that are easy to change.

Despite the small battery from 200 mAh to 350 mAh, the maximum power is up to 8 W. In the Jule vaporizer, the tightening force is similar to that of a regular cigarette, which greatly helps everyone who wants to quit smoking. To understand how to turn on Juul, no instructions are needed, because this device does not have a single button. It’s very simple – you just need to insert a full cartridge into the battery pack until it clicks, and the device is ready to use. Therefore, absolutely everyone can figure out how to turn on Jule.

How much and how to charge Juul

Due to its small size, the battery capacity is also negligible. Therefore, active vapers will need to recharge the device once or twice a day. The operating time of the Jule vaporizer depends on the frequency and duration of use. Charging time lasts from 50 minutes to several hours, depending on the battery capacity. Therefore, it is better to buy a Juul vaporizer with a spare battery and not wait until the device is fully charged, but simply change it to a ready-to-use one. Most models of electronic cigarettes from Jules have a built-in USB input, which allows you to charge the device anywhere: from a power bank, from a computer or laptop, even a charger from a mobile.

Main advantages

One of the main benefits is how Jule affects the body. Many people think that if in one cartridge of nicotine – as in 20 cigarettes, then it does the same harm. But researchers from Public Health England claim that e-cigarette smoking is 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes.

For these reasons, the Juul vaporizer is strikingly different from the competition and therefore won 70% of all vapers in the United States:

  • compact modern device;
  • easy to use, since it is easy to turn on Jule – it is triggered by tightening;
  • simple cartridge replacement – took out an empty one and inserted a full one until it clicks;
  • MTL puff – as much as possible like a real tight cigarette;
  • flavors: classic tobacco, mango, cucumber, vanilla and cool mint. Unlike competitors, Juul’s pod system tastes are moderately sweet, which allows you to enjoy more vaping;
  • sealed mouthpiece prevents liquid from entering the mouth.

It is easy to buy a Juul vaporizer now in our country, just go to the Internet and choose the model that suits you. When buying, it is worth considering the disadvantage of the Juul device – one degree of strength. In the future, the manufacturer plans to expand the selection of cartridges with different amounts of nicotine in the composition, but so far there are only strong ones. The strength of the fortress does not affect how Jule affects the body – the harm is minimal. Choosing the Juul vaporizer gives you a stylish e-cigarette with great flavors, a one-year warranty and up to 10 design colors. It will be a pleasure to use the device, since it is easy to turn on Juul – just take a puff.

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